Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Packaging - Boxboard

Paperboard packaging is an emerging trend that is gaining consumers attraction due to its effective solutions in food and beverages, healthcare, manufacturing, personal care and other industries.

Another key factor that is boosting the demand for paper and paperboard packaging is rising consumer awareness about non-biodegradable materials and its effect on environment. This awareness leads to the increasing adoption of eco-friendly material and sustainable packaging.

Boxboards are a kind of paperboard that are durable but still lightweight. You would have seen them used in cereal boxes, shoeboxes, beauty product packaging, and more. Besides packing, boxboards are also commonly used to interleave between products, or as dividers to protect glass bottles and fragile items. When developing pictures and framing them, retailers often use boxboard sheets behind to support the pictures.

Boxboard sheets are also used as backing boards to keep photographs, certificates, artwork and documents flat, as well as to protect them from bending in transit, ensuring that they arrive as intended at their destination.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Packaging - Boxboard sheets

Here at Redpack, we have boxboard sheets in two sizes:

Redpak boxboard sheets are economical and 100% recyclable. Besides being used as backing boards for artwork, photos and documents, they can also be used for book binding, docket books, calendar stands, gift boxes and game boards.

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