Bubblewrap & Void Fill

Bubble wrap is a packing material made of plastic that consists of small pockets of air, designed to cushion and protect fragile objects. It is especially handy to protect your items during transport.

You can use bubble wrap to pad objects for shipping, to cushion the sides of a box, or as inserts in between layers of loose objects. Bubble wrap is also useful as a protective layer for any items you want to protect from scratching or breaking.

As bubble wrap comes in many sizes, they are perfect for small items such as photo frames, mugs and plates, as well as larger items including appliances and furniture.

TIP: Many have wondered if the bubbles on the bubble wrap should be on the inside or out. The general consensus is for them to face inward for best results. The main purpose of the pockets of air is to hold the item in place and cushion it, and that can only be done if the bubbles are touching the actual item.

We carry a range of bubble wrap of different lengths and sizes, that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We also have the bubble wrap wide metal frame dispenser that fits most bubble wrap rolls, to minimise clutter and improve packaging process efficiency. For small packing requirements, we offer the Office Dispenser Box.

Besides bubble wrap, we also carry other void fill products such as packing peanuts and poly foam.

DELIVERY: Please note that we only ship bubble wrap to Sydney metropolitan areas. For other areas, please contact us for more information. 

Choose from our range of bubblewrap dispenser, Bubble wrap P10 and Bubblewrap P20.